Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

9am-5 pm

Frame Shop
9am-5 pm

Wood Shop
Friday – Sunday

Bldg. 247


The Arts & Crafts Center houses the frame, engraving, and wood shop. Each shop is staffed with experienced personnel and maintains quality equipment, tools, and supplies.

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The Wood Shop, located in the Arts & Crafts Center, Bldg. 247, is fully equipped with a wide-range of power and hand tools including drill presses, lathes, band saws, table saws, joiners, and much more. Customers can provide their own wood for projects or Arts and Crafts features furniture grade plywoods and hardwoods including oak, walnut, and maple which are available for purchase.

No matter your experience level, shop staff can assist you with your projects and explain operational training and safety procedures for Arts & Crafts extensive assortment of power equipment. Flag cases, coin racks, display cases and special-order items are available for customer purchase. Cost to use the facility and equipment is only $4 per hour or $60 per month.