R4R – Recharge for Resiliency

Outdoor Recreation
Bldg. 247



Recharge for Resiliency (R4R) at Outdoor Recreation (ODR) features programs and tours geared towards Luke’s single active duty or reserve enlisted members and officers. Deployed affected, and dependent restricted personnel, and their family members can participate in ready to launch programs such as; Base Camp, Grand Canyon Day Trip, Verde Canyon R.R. and Extreme Rope Course. Outdoor Recreation is looking for your ideas to develop trips, tours, or programs, that other single airmen would enjoy. Past programs include: skydiving, glider plane flying, gun safety-shooting class, and adventure outings to locations around Arizona.


SAPI - Provides resources that foster a strong culture, mission and sense of community among single Airmen

RecOn - Provides resources for outdoor centric, high adrenaline, post deployment stress reduction, only available through FSS Outdoor Recreation Centers

Deployed Affected Programming - Provides resources targeting deployed-affected, and dependent-restricted, Air Force installation assigned service members and their families providing relief from the challenges of deployment