School Age Care

School Age Program
Bldg. 1143
Monday - Friday

Youth Programs 
Bldg. 1143
Monday - Friday
Before & After School Programs
Monday - Friday
Open Recreation
Mon. • 2-7pm
Tues, Thurs. • 3-7pm
Wed. • 1-7pm
Fri. • 3-7pm
No School days
Open @ 1pm
Weekends & Holdays • Closed

Summer Hours of Operation
May 28 - Aug. 2
Summer Camps • 8:30am noon
Open Recreation • 1-5:30pm



It is the philosophy of the Luke Air force Base Youth Programs to provide developmentally appropriate programs of the highest quality that adheres to all regulations and standards accepted by the Air Force. We respect each child as a unique individual and recognize the differences in the children’s rate of physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. 

We believe that the parents are the first and primary educators of their child, and we aim to build a bridge between home, school and our programs in order to create the best possible quality programming for their child. Parents are highly encouraged to participate in our programs. 


The programs provided by the School Age Care Program are based on the belief that each child should be given the opportunity to develop his or her maximum potential through varied experiences with nurturing support. A variety of activities are planned to help each child learn and develop in a stimulating anti-bias environment.  The environment is extended beyond the program to include the community, through various guest speakers, and field trips. 

We encourage independence and respect for others while working to promote each child’s positive self-image through successful experiences.


  • To build a positive self-image
  • To build a sense of belonging
  • To build a sense of competence
  • To build a sense of usefulness
  • To build a sense of power and influence
  • To develop self-discipline and resolve conflicts constructively
  • To build an understanding and respect cultural diversity
  • To build lifelong skills, academic progress and promote individual development


Our program is open to children enrolled in kindergarten (age 5K) through age 12 who are children of Active Duty or DoD civilian dual employed parents, Active Duty or DoD civilian single parents and Active Duty or DoD civilians with spouse attending school full-time.

Registration can be started at

Thank you for your interest in the Luke AFB School Age Care program. We look forward to seeing you soon.